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Themse Recliner

Item ID: 8598
Dimensions Shown: 32"W x 36"D x 42"H


  • Wide choice of quality leather, fabric and colors
  • Individually adjustable headrests
  • Recliner sofas and chairs - integrated foot-rests
  • Choice of upholstered or show-wood frame
  • Choice of wood color shades
  • Upgrade from manual to power - Power version is supplied with a mains connection and battery pack
  • Sensor Touch Technology helps detect objects below footrest. Available as standard with power version

Cosset your body and your mind will chill. Sink into the Themse with a sigh of relief. This is one big welcoming two and a half or three seater sofa. With wide deep seats and acres of space - enough to ensure everybody can chill out. Either available manual or electric. Rechargeable battery packs mean there are no trailing electric leads; no need to be close to a power socket.

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Themse Collection

Treat yourself to Themse reclining chairs and sofas and you’ll be thoroughly spoiled. himolla’s silky-smooth manual and powered recliner actions are the perfect way to put your feet up, effortlessly.

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