Custom live edge coffee table

Kelsey & Grant

…the thing that strikes me most about the showroom is the huge diversity in styles. Grant and I see pieces that trend towards the midcentury style we love, farmhouse-style furniture I know my mother would scoop up and even things that would fit the more transitional style of Grant's parents — and that's just on the showroom floor.

LaVern understood our style right away. He paid close attention to our preferences and pointed out details he knew we'd fall for. With design inspiration swimming behind our eyelids, Grant and I sit down with LaVern to relay our vision for the coffee table. First on our list of wants is one of those breathtaking live-edge slabs I couldn't keep my eyes (or hands) of off — the perfect tabletop for an organic, modern feel. And because we want nothing to take attention away from the character of a slab, we're thinking a simple, metal base. He shows us a few different examples to spark ideas, never pressuring us in any direction, which we both appreciate. After honing in on a few basic details, LaVern brings our piece to life with just a sketchpad and pen, transforming my confusing explanation into a perfect 3D sketch of what I'm imagining — a rectangular live-edge slab resting gracefully on two sleek, U-shaped metal legs.

We head back out to the showroom to pick our slab. LaVern excitedly shows us five or six pieces that will work with our size specifications, each one vastly different than the next in wood species, color, grain pattern and shape. The last one we come to it is a smooth, medium-brown walnut slab with one or two fist-sized knots and a thin, bark-lined crack running down one side. I know immediately this is the one I want, and looking at Grant's face, I can tell he agrees. The slab is carefully laid down, measured and taped up to simulate where cuts will be made and legs attached. Next we move on to the iconic color wall lined with hundreds of artfully arranged samples in every shade imaginable. For our purposes, we're shown a drawer full of metal plates in various textures and hues. To keep the base simple and timeless, we pick a smooth, matte black steel, thinking the cold, industrial metal will contrast beautifully with the warm, organic wood top. When we're happy with how it looks, all that's left to do is cross some t's and dot some i's. LaVern fills us in on all the final details like the eight to 10-week estimated production time, white-glove delivery service and who to contact with any questions.

Fast-forward a few weeks and our coffee table is fitting right into its new home — knots and all. Delivery was a breeze and it's already been tested by a spill or two, curious cats and kicked up feet, and has passed with flying colors. We're totally thrilled with how the table turned out and the overall experience. Grant and I are looking forward to many, many years with our new favorite piece of furniture, and are anxiously planning our next visit to Homestead.

Excerpt from Ohio Magazine, September 2019.

Custom live edge coffee table