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When Jeff and Cecilia Sprouse were building their dream home in Wheeling, West Virginia, in 2019, they knew if they filled their home with furnishings from a typical big-box retailer, it would end up looking like that store, and wouldn’t be reflective of their own sense of style.

“It was brand new,” Cecilia says of the 6,000-square-foot contemporary-style home. “Our thought was we wanted furniture that was of very nice quality, and something that reflected our personalities as opposed to someone else’s personality. We’re not run-of-the-mill people; we like things that are outside the box. We wanted it to be unique.”

And what did Homestead Furniture bring to the table for the Sprouses? Among other things, quite literally a table. “The whole design of our home centered around a large dining space,” says Cecilia. “We imagined a big beautiful table, big enough to seat 10. We didn’t know if we would be able to find something like that until we went to Homestead.” And not just any table, mind you. A wow-factor circular dining room table, with a custom base and a gleaming quartz top that wouldn’t scratch — the type of table Cecilia had always envisioned.

Homestead enabled Cecilia and Jeff to produce similar results throughout their entire house. When they were finished, furniture they had spent years designing inside their heads had become realities, from splashy living room chairs to one-of-a-kind wooden end tables to sturdy metal barstools that are Jeff’s pride and joy.

“It turned out better than I imagined it could have,” Cecilia says. “The furniture is the first thing you notice when you come into someone’s home. The pieces Homestead made for us are definitely eye-catching and, more importantly, fit us and our style. We’re very, very proud and excited to have people come visit us.”

Beyond the furniture itself, the Sprouses were awed by their ability to one-stop-shop at Homestead. Rather than spending months trying to mix and match pieces from one store or another, they could achieve their distinctive home-design ideals in a mere afternoon at the Homestead showroom in Mt. Hope, thanks in no small measure to the surehanded guidance provided by their design consultant, LaVern Hershberger. The Sprouses worked with him to refine and execute their vision — he was able to bring their ideas to life on paper.

“LaVern took a little bit of time to get to know us before we actually started looking at furniture,” Cecilia says. “Then we gave him a general idea of our color scheme [yellow and gray]. We were able to pick out basically the whole house [in a matter of] hours. Everything I had imagined in my mind was falling into place. There’s no other place that offers hardwoods, custom metal work and custom upholstery and leather like what we found at Homestead.”

Adds Jeff, “We called over and made an appointment [before our visit]. I thought it was a little unusual to make an appointment to go to a furniture store, but then I could see why once we got there.”

Homestead’s commitment to quality was evident in virtually every respect. Take it from Jeff — as a retired owner of a window manufacturer, he knows a top-tier organization when he sees one.

“What I noticed about the company in general was that from the time we walked in the door at Homestead and met LaVern through the delivery of our furniture, we were dealing with the same caliber of individuals,” Jeff says. “Sometimes you find that the delivery guys don’t have quite the same motivation as the salespeople do; not everyone is deeply motivated. But everyone we came in contact with at Homestead was.”

From Dream

To Reality

Dining Room

In the open-space design, everything flows from the circular dining room table. For example, the table is linked thematically to the kitchen countertops, which have the same quartz. “It’s stunning,” Cecilia says of the table, which weighs a whopping 1,300 pounds. “Everyone who comes to our home comments on it.”

“Going any other place, we wouldn’t have been able to pull this of”

Living Room

Cecilia wanted leather for her living room sofas, and a lightbulb went on in her head when she saw a gray hide on the wall at the Homestead showroom. The leather is soft and inviting, but it’s also tough enough to withstand just about anything. “I don’t have any qualms whatsoever about our two youngest granddaughters being on the leather furniture. I know it’s of such high quality, it will take the abuse of a four- and six-year-old,” Cecilia says with a laugh.

Complementing those sofas are chairs covered with yellow-and-gray upholstery that captures the vibrancy of Cecilia’s personality. “We have that fabric in our main living area and then in our little reading room on four kitten chairs,” she says. “It’s very pretty.”


The centerpieces of the bedrooms are, as one might expect, the custom bedframes. They create a sense of warmth that lends itself to a peaceful sleep.

Pool Room

Bringing the outdoors in was key for the indoor pool room. Durable wicker furniture accomplishes just that.

The specially designed metal barstools, pub table and coffee table are sources of wonderment for Jeff, who says, “When I think of Amish Country, I think of woodworking. I didn’t think of the metalworking. It’s fantastic workmanship. They’re commercial quality but made specifically to our style.”


A variety of end tables and nightstands dot the house. Jeff is particularly fond of — and somewhat mystified by — the exquisite craftsmanship of the end tables.

“It’s actually a wooden top, but they finished them with such a highgloss glaze material that they look like marble,” Jeff says. “I’ve never seen a wood product like that.”

“I walked in and I cried. It far exceeded my expectations. When you have a dream and it becomes a reality, that doesn’t happen very often.”

Homestead Furniture’s handiwork blends together to create something that’s more than a home for the Sprouses. It’s an ideal achieved. Once all the furniture was in place, Cecilia recalls, “I cried. It just far exceeded my expectations. When you have a dream and it becomes a reality, that doesn’t happen very often. So, that made it even more special for me.”

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