Because Furniture should last your lifetime

The Homestead Guarantee

The Homestead Guarantee

We sell custom furniture built to last for this generation and the next. For nearly 30 years, we have earned the reputation of going the extra mile to make it right. You deserve to be proud of the furniture you bring home from Homestead.

That’s why we stand behind every piece we make. We do our best to maintain high quality control standards. (each piece is checked three times before it leaves our facility!) and always believe our customers should be satisfied, no matter what.

What kind of things does our guarantee cover?

Your design consultant greets you at the door

Furniture thats different than what you ordered.

Browse at your own pace

Quality is not up to standards set by our showroom.

Create the perfect piece

Manufacturer defects or flaws.

Create the perfect piece

Normal wear and tear are NOT covered.