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Eastern Accents
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Hand-crafted with Passion

Eastern Accents designs and crafts made-to-order luxury home textiles. Founded over 30 years ago by a husband and wife duo, this company brings both expertise and passion into American-made textiles and furnishings. It is based in the heart of Chicago, with every department under one roof, including manufacturing. This gives them full control over the quality of every piece that they send out.

Products They Offer:
  • Pillows
  • Throws
  • Comforter sets
  • Curtain panels
  • Linens
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Fabric and trim yardage
  • Window hardware
  • And more!
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Eastern Accents
Eastern Accents
Eastern Accents
Eastern Accents

Custom Capabilities

Their self-proclaimed passion is that they love to sell all things soft and beautiful. Because of the dedication that they bring, they are able to offer trend-leading design, unmatched quality, and fantastic customer service. The family behind Eastern Accents wants people to love what’s in their homes, and they are more than capable of customizations that will make that possible for any homeowner.

Contact us for custom-made bedding, drapery, and everything in between.
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