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Cortona Dining Table by Homestead Furniture made in Amish Country.

Cortona Dining Collection by Homestead Furniture in Amish Country, Ohio
Cortona Hutch

Item ID: 400

64" wide x 18" deep x 62" high


The Cortona Hutch is part of our tuscany inspired Cortona collection. Tuscan furniture primarily reflects colors found in the countryside of Italy. Gold and yellow shades feature heavily in this design, and are based on the golden hue of olive oil as well as the sun's rays. Red and orange shades also play an important role, particularly terra cotta. Tuscan furniture makers also incorporated the rich natural shades found in local wood species, which may be stained or left unfinished.  A variety of hardwoods and finishes are available to help you create the look you desire.


Homestead Furniture of Ohio is a member of Sustainable Furnishings Council
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