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"Live Edge" tables liven up the Homestead showroom

MOUNT HOPE, OH - The dining room area in the 27,000 sq. foot Homestead Original Design Gallery is showing a lively new spirit.  On a Saturday morning in late September a group of four Live Edge tables appeared on the floor and the place hasn't been the same since.  Before the store closed that Saturday evening, the collection was down to three and by the time you read this the next group of display models will likely take their place.  These tables have been an overnight sensation due to both their beauty and eco-friendly design.

Live Edge tables are cross-sawn from a whole tree trunk.  The longest outside edges are still covered in bark, hence the name Live Edge.  Freed from traditional plank construction, these tables exhibit a richness of grain and color that bring joy to the heart of real wood enthusiasts.  Using full wood slabs also creates less waste during the hand-crafting process making Live Edge tables even more environmentally friendly than traditional wood tables.  This takes them into a whole new dimension of sustainable design, a goal Homestead has pursued in all the furniture they sell, design and handcraft.  The Live Edge tables currently on Homestead's sales floor feature tops made from 2" thick slabs of Walnut, Cherry, Oregon Myrtle and Padauk, an African wood with a fascinating reddish color.  As General Manager Todd Reese states, "These are just the starting points.  If there is a particular wood that someone just has to have, we'll find it for them."

A big part of their appeal lies in the totally unique look exhibited by every individual table.  Since no two trees are exactly alike, no tables made from full cross-cut slabs show the exact same grain pattern, color or shape.  Each is totally unique and surprisingly harmonious with a wide range of design schemes.  As Erin Palmer, Homestead's resident Interior Designer points out, "These tables really bring a new dimension to homes that embrace the warmth and authenticity of real wood furniture.  Certainly they harmonize with other rough-cut wood furniture styles, but they also compliment many more formally-designed pieces.  Their versatility really has to be seen to be appreciated.

Homestead is the exclusive source for these unique tables in northern Ohio and surrounding areas.  They have already proven popular in many stylish homes around New York and Los Angeles where they regularly sell for upwards of $20,000 each.  However, as Todd Reese points out, "Mt. Hope is not Los Angeles.  We sell high quality, handcrafted solid wood furniture for prices in line with our down-to-earth, Ohio amish country sensibilities.  This appears to be making these tables a big hit with our Ohio customers as well as many customers from as far away as Australia who regularly shop Homestead when they are visiting the area or online."

To view the new collection of Live Edge Dining Room Tables, visit the Homestead Furniture Original Design Gallery Monday through Saturday, 8:30am till 5pm.


Live Edge Dining Tables at Homestead Furniture in Mt. Hope, Ohio.



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