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An Amish-Built Automobile?

When people visit Homestead Furniture, they quickly realize it isn't your typical Amish furniture store.  The floors are filled with exquisitely-designed hardwood and upholstered furniture, much of it built in our own factory or by other superb Ohio craftsmen. But, even knowing this you still probably wouldn't expect to see us working on an automobile.

Yet, there it is … a 1941 Buick Woody station wagon.  Handcrafted by Homestead because we love a challenge.

How this beautiful antique automobile ended up in the middle of an Amish wood-crafting factory is an interesting story.  Doug Seybold, one of our custom furniture customers, is a noted collector and restorer of classic cars.  One day he stopped in with pictures of an old Woody station wagon he was working on and wondered if we could handle the woodworking part of the restoration. After all, isn't a car just a buggy with a motor where the horse usually goes?

Well, our guys really got excited about the whole idea and soon we had an authentic Woody parked in the middle of our workbenches.  Actually, it might be more accurate to say that we had pieces of a Woody sitting in our factory.  It was not in good condition.  What little wood remained was really just a suggestion of the actual shape.  There were no patterns or plans to follow.

About 600 work hours later, we had reconstructed the wooden body to its original beauty.  Every strut and panel was meticulously recreated in ash and ribbon mahogany.  It proved to be a real challenge, but gave us an excellent opportunity to exhibit our wood-crafting skills.  The metal and mechanical work was done in Doug Seybold's shop.

The finished product showed off the style and character of these classic automobiles and Mr. Seybold is sending more Woodys our way.  Now that we have developed patterns and figured out many of the intricacies, the next ones should be finished much faster.

Our first Woody has proven a real success on the show trail.  It was awarded a First Place trophy at the 2009 Glenmoor Collection of Fine Automobiles and also at the 2009 Hershey Antique Auto Auction in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

If it is made out of wood -- whether furniture, millwork or automobile -- Homestead can make it.


Homestead Furniture will CUSTOM BUILD any furniture to your exact specifications.


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