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Amish men loading wheat shocks for thrashing in Amish Country, Ohio.

America's Furniture Heartland

You can trace the history of American furniture manufacturing in a trail from New England to Battle Creek, Michigan, to the forests of North Carolina. At that point, much of our manufacturing journeyed to China and other parts of the world. However, a thriving furniture manufacturing industry is both thriving and growing in Holmes County, Ohio, especially among the Amish and Mennonite communities that populate our county. The people here value craftsmanship and more and more American retailers are finding this an ideal location to find high quality hardwood furniture. In fact, about five years ago we started the Furniture Heartland Furniture Show to help retailers tap into this growing resource. Every year since has seen significant growth for this show. If you understand a bit about this area, it is easy to understand why this is happening here.

It’s no accident most folks think of high-quality craftsmanship when they think of Amish-built furniture. What they may not consider are the cutting-edge designs and finishes available, as well as the green nature of this domestically manufactured product. 

When European immigrants fled religious persecution and in the nineteenth century settled in the verdant valleys of Holmes County, Ohio, they brought with them a self-reliance, work ethic and independence from the rest of the world that remains today.

These Amish and Mennonite settlers farmed for a living and grew, produced or crafted most of what they needed to survive, including furniture.

Today, descendents of these original settlers continue to craft beautiful, high-quality furniture designed to endure for generations. By visiting the Furniture Heartland, you can add a little of this legacy to your home.

The Furniture Heartland represents a partnership between retail furniture stores and the business community in the world’s largest Amish settlement, with its heart here in Holmes County.

In fact, with more than 30 retail stores and 450 manufacturers, the Furniture Heartland has the nation’s largest concentration of solid wood manufacturers and retailers.

At a time when you may have concerns about the health of our environment, consider purchasing your furniture in the Furniture Heartland. While most furniture sold in the United States is imported from Asia, our high-quality hardwood furniture has a much smaller carbon footprint than its imported counterpart. Think of the resources used to ship containers halfway around the world. 

Since the furniture is manufactured right here, you have custom options not available in imported furniture. 

In addition, products built in the Furniture Heartland are created to last for generations. Unlike big-box, knock-down furniture, heirloom-quality furniture won’t end up in a landfill in five or 10 years. And many of our builders use eco-friendly finishes. 

With this unique culture’s off-the-grid production style — many shops generate their own power and harness the exhaust to heat their buildings — our community was green long before green was cool. 

So, if you’re looking for the highest-quality, hardwood furniture that’s kind to the environment, consider a visit to the Furniture Heartland. And while you’re here, enjoy our home-style cooking, charming inns and country hospitality.

Times may change, but quality shouldn’t. Visit the Furniture Heartland for old-fashioned quality, the best value you’ll find anywhere and today’s furniture styles.


Shasta Mast, Executive Director

Holmes County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau


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